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I am committed to offering a wide range of PR services from tactical implementation through to higher level strategic consultancy, specialising in particular in issues and crisis work.

I work both with busy PR and marketing agencies requiring an extra pair of hands or a particular skill set, as well as directly with businesses in need of PR support.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, then please get in touch to discuss your specific needs:

  • Media relations

    I’m the first to argue that PR isn’t just about media relations and I’ll always challenge the client who simply wants a press release in isolation. However, carried out strategically, media relations can reap dividends and I pride myself on only ever carrying out media outreach if I’m certain of securing a strong result for my clients.

  • Digital & social media

    Of course, in this day and age media is as much online as it is off and if you’re keen to be featured as a guest blogger; contribute to an online debate; or simply see your online reach via Twitter, Linked In or Facebook extended, then get in touch to discuss how we can help.

  • Development of communications strategies

    Do you need guidance on how to develop your PR strategy, or perhaps you require a fresh pair of eyes to rejuvenate an existing plan? Either way, I relish the opportunity to get under the skin of a brief and advise on, develop and implement results focused strategies.

  • Development and execution of thought leadership programmes

    Does your day to day PR programme need to be taken to the next level? Taking ownership of a topic relevant to the industry in which you’re operating and driving it forward is one way in which to achieve this – become a thought leader.

  • Corporate profiling

    Does your senior management team have the profile it deserves? If not, a corporate profiling and spokesperson programme may help address this. I have developed and executed many programmes aimed at specifically making the people behind your business known. I won’t make you famous purely for the sake of it – all profiling work is conducted with a specific goal in mind.

  • Copywriting

    What you say and how you say it can make a significant impact on how your business is perceived. Strong copywriting is therefore an absolute must. Working with SY1 Consulting you can be assured that your message is conveyed in a straightforward yet compelling way whether on your website, in a company brochure, in a regular newsletter or other marketing collateral.

  • Media training

    Some executives are at home dealing with the media; for others it isn’t comfortable territory. However, knowing how to handle the media and gain the most from such interaction is essential for sustainable media success. Tailored training to better understand and feel comfortable working with the media is always a worthwhile investment to make and I tailor each and every one of my media training sessions to meet your specific requirements.

  • PR training and mentoring

    As a small business, charity or agency you may find it hard to justify investing in PR and communications training. Even if you’re running your own small or medium sized communications business you may feel that bespoke training for your staff is a ‘nice to have’, but not essential.

    SY1 Consulting will tailor PR training packages from a single half day to longer term on-going training and mentoring programmes…. All designed to get the very best from your team.

  • Crisis & issues management

    No-one wants to think about the ‘what ifs’ but being prepared for when something goes wrong will pay dividends and help to protect your reputation in a difficult situation.

    I have handled the communications around issues as diverse as an international diplomatic incident, redundancies, safety concerns and school closures. If your organisation doesn’t already have in place a plan for what you’d do should the unexpected happen, then contact SY1 Consulting to discuss the development of a crisis and issues management plan. I can also be called on to deliver on-site media and communications management when things don’t go to plan.

  • Interim PR cover

    Your business may find itself a man (or woman!) down in the PR/ marketing/ communications team and whether this is a short term situation or a longer term one such as maternity leave, I have completed a number of short and medium term contracts providing cover when it has been most needed.